Mark Twain.

Hello, Nice, that you us at All About Easy Living visit!

All About Easy LivingWe are Helga, Insa, and Marita, three Hamburgerinnen and friends for years. The love art unites us, Culture, Travel, to our families and friends.

Helga works in the film industry, Insa works in a gallery and Marita in the PR sector. We all constantly suffer from lack of time, Therefore we are always looking for tips, as one family, Budget and job elegantly and easy can organize.

We are go, Professional and private, New York, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, London - but also Sylt, Kitzbühel and St. Moritz. On our travels we go like exploring new trends - from interior design to useful helpers for everyday.

In our search on the net fell on us, that there is no Highclass blog for our target group in the German-speaking. Easy living at all about we share you our insider tips, We share that otherwise only with our best friend. Let us friends and together realize our dream - living easy.

Our 10 golden rules

  1. Stay cheerful, honest and considerate. The positive will come back to you.
  2. You verrenne not in bits and pieces. See the "BIG picture".
  3. Set a time frame you for projects. Then it doesnt.
  4. Is tidy and well organized. This gives time for the essentials.
  5. Make your House a home. For you and for your guests.
  6. Look at your clothes on basics. Are security and relaxed.
  7. Care friendships. This creates a balance between work and private.
  8. Set a new goal you every year. Helps you to gain new experiences.
  9. Accept no "no" for an answer. Make it a 'yes'.
  10. Look always forward. Never back. Was captain of your ship.