Is your makeup bag suddenly whatever, as by miracle, to “small”? Maybe you're taking time to sort out you today times shortly. What I wear now, What lipstick is my current favorite? Here you can quickly clean immediately all products. Use a household towel to remove the excess mascara from the edge, clean the mirror of the powder box, rid of ugly glue stuff the opening of lip gloss.

Cleaning your brushes is particularly important. Natural hair brushes are best, they keep the longest and are good to clean. An investment, that is really worth, is e.g.. a Brush set by Bobbi Brown.

There are several ways when cleaning brushes. The fastest you can cleanse the brushes simply with some mild baby shampoo in lukewarm water until the color pigments and all Ölhaltige is away. This you should water on the wood- and avoid metal parts or immediately remove, then the bristles pointed forward cautiously express, Expressing once again with a cloth and place on a towel to dry. In the trade, there are also extra brush cleaner, but they are expensive and not really necessary.

Another option is the cleaning with olive oil, who here presents the make-up artist Kandee Johnson short.


So, I'm done, my handbag looks spotlessly and I have even some space. Maybe I just go to my beloved Master drugstore and I look what yet “urgent” need .